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Welcome to Exacer – it’s a pleasure to meet you here!

Exacer is a privately held company, that was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Sassuolo, in northern Italy (close to Modena).

As its core business, Exacer can be described as a commercial producer of shaped catalyst supports. Though we have a very broad portfolio across all potential base materials (alumina, silica, zirconia, titania, zeolites, steatite, fluorides, silicon carbide, carbon, etc.), we are not following a bulk production strategy, trying just to push cheaply produced ‘standard grades’ into the market that may eventually fit more or less to an application, but we are rather specialized on creating highly sophisticated, tailor-made catalyst carriers, that would fit perfectly to a specific customer’s process. 

That does not necessarily mean that we can only produce small campaigns – there are several carriers in Exacer’s portfolio that are produced at quantities of several hundred metric tons per year. Besides what Exacer’s R&D team creates on their own, Exacer supports its customers very closely in their own development projects – often starting already in early lab or pilot phases -, trying to bring in some added value with further advanced catalyst carrier samples and strengthen the success chance of a new project.

As a second business pillar, Exacer offers toll manufacturing services for customers that are searching for options to realize their internally developed recipes on  commercial equipment. Such developments are not strictly limited to catalyst carriers, but may also include additional/other steps, such as an impregnation with metal solutions, a tableting of a spray-dried catalyst powder, or a final calcination/reduction step. The collaborations may have any scope from an accurate transfer of the customer’s own recipe to our equipment up to a joint development of a fully new generation of carrier. However, it is very important to stress, that though Exacer has the potential capability of producing a full custom catalyst recipe, it’s an inherent part of our business strategy to not enter commercially into the final catalyst market, in order to not become a potential competitor to its customers. This market independence is a business key since an open technical communication and a trustful relationship are essential prerequisites for the success of Exacer’s business model.

As a team of technically skilled people with also a significant background in the final applications, we are passionate about pushing the limits of feasibility further out and to work on new challenging projects. Please do not hesitate to ask for new carriers, that may just be a pure idea and not yet available in any commercial form. We are eager to turn your needs into reality!

We look forward to starting a cooperation with you and to contribute to the success of your own projects. Please feel free to contact us in order to learn more about our unique capabilities and to challenge us with demanding requests!

Cordiali saluti! / Mit freundlichen Grüßen, / with kind regards,

Dr. Massimiliano Secchi, CEO


  • Modern production site with ~5000 m² of production area and integrated warehouse area
  • Control of dust, NOx, and moisture is achievable
  • Processing capabilities for hazardous compounds
  • Fully equipped laboratory for physical, chemical, and mechanical analysis
  • Scale-up area for the detailed development of technical production recipes (sample quantities up to 20 kg)
  • University cooperations for detailed analytics and product development

EXACER's Core competencies

  • Shaping (extrusion / tableting / spheres)
  • Generating tailor-made textures of surfaces and pore
  • Highly accurate calcination.

Ask for a help, a consultation, or write us for more information.


A skilled team of experts based on Italian manufacturing quality and chemical knowledge is working on a variety of challenging projects. If a tour of our website has raised your enthusiasm for this manufacturing field and you want to join our team, please feel invited to send us your application!

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