carbon extrudates

spinel carrier

extruded zeolite

New Materials

There is constant development of new materials for specific applications driven by academia. Exacer is taking up the challenge to convert such new materials into shaped bodies, that can be employed in a true industrial fixed bed reactor.
Some examples for such new carrier developments are:

  • Fluoride-based tablets for applications with Fluoride or Chlorine chemistry
  • A pure rutile carrier with a surface area >30 m³/g
  • Extrudates and tablets from spinel structures with high porosity and surface area
  • Extruded carbon supports for flow chemistry under hydrothermal process conditions
  • Zeolite-based carriers for new environmental applications

and many more…

Please do not hesitate to ask us about new materials that are not established yet on the market! With our experienced team and our good connections to potential raw material suppliers, we often find innovative solutions for our customers.