We take care

At Exacer we feel that every company – irrespective of its size – needs to assume its own social responsibility. Amongst other topics, there is the preeminent global challenge to stop the human induced climate change, which will require the support of all stakeholders on all levels. Exacer has ongoing internal project workstreams to constantly reduce its own global carbon footprint to the lowest possible level. To succeed, we strongly believe, that it is inevitable to optimize or change the own processes as the first option, even if that requires a much higher effort than just spending some charities to compensation projects and abuse this as a license for justifying the own contribution. Finally, a ceramic production, which is based on high-temperature processes will never be fully carbon neutral, unless there is a national power supply available based on a 100% regenerative source. However, we are strongly engaged to minimize our own consumption of resources and not just solely to rely on others.

To underline Exacer’s engagement for a sustainable business, we have recently asked for a rating by Ecovadis, a global consulting network, that evaluates the corporate social responsibility of companies. We are proud to share with you that we succeeded with a ‘silver award’ (for being in the top 25% of all companies) immediately upon our first application. Nevertheless, we will not rest on this success, but also here to still try to do it even better in the next rating score.