Titania Supports

Titanium dioxide occurs naturally in three crystal modifications: anatase, brookite and rutile. In particular, the anatase modification is important for pigments as well as for the production of catalyst carriers.
The building blocks in the anatase structure are linked via 4 edges (rutile only two edges), which, despite belonging to the same crystal system, leads to characteristic differences in the lattice structure, that are reflected in physical and catalytic properties.
These features need to be preserved when generating materials with dedicated properties, such as density, porosity, or pore texture.
Most common for catalysis applications is the use of anatase-based carriers, however we have also developed a series of porous rutile extrudates with a reasonable surface areas. Typically, only high purity raw materials and no inorganic binders are employed in our processes.
In our portfolio we have standard extrudates that serve typical industrial application in the chemical or petrochemical industry.
Nonetheless, we always encourage our customers to use these “standards” as a starting point to jointly develop a tailor-made system, which will show even superior process characteristics.

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Purity and physical properties

As a typical ‘standard’ we use a raw materials with:

TiO2 min. 98%
SO4 max. 2%
Na max. 250 ppm
Water stability 100%

For highly sensitive applications, that even demand higher purities, e.g., very low levels of sodium and sulfate, we can further improve the chemical profile by careful selection of the respective raw materials.
For rutile-based materials EX-TRxxx, we use high surface area powders from different suppliers. Since these are still considered as specialties, there is not a common standard.

Also, for the titania supports we want to highlight our EXAct-spheres technology, which allows us to produce a spherical support with a well-defined diameter in the range of 3.5 to 8 mm size. These EXAct spheres show very impressive mechanical properties and we can tune the pore structure / density in a certain range.
Please do not hesitate to ask us for different shapes, other modifications or doped/mixed versions with other metals if required! Contact us