QEHS Excellence

No one is perfect, and we would never dare to claim this for Exacer. However, our team is truly devoted to learn from any failures and to permanently improve our level of expertise on all aspects of our business. As the company has grown over the years and continues to do so, we continuously employ more sophisticated systems that help us to keep control over our processes.

Our underlying QEHS management systems are based on ISO 9001 as a global standard, which is regularly reviewed and certified by DNV, a well-respected global expert for assurance and risk-management. On top we are currently preparing to add the respective environmental (ISO 14001) and work safety standards (ISO 45001), which shall be realized soon.

Beyond all these standards, we highly appreciate any customer-driven audit, that will show us additional aspects for improvement. As a small company we are working with huge global players in intimate collaborations and we perfectly understand that it is an essential prerequisite for such a business model to match the challenging requirements of these global industrial leaders.
Please feel free to challenge us also for such aspects, not just for the pure technical items of a project!