We are a mission-driven, results-focused team. We believe every engagement should lead to sustainable, impactful results that spark positive transformation for clients, communities, and the planet.

The most valuable player for our production…

… is our team! At Exacer we strongly believe that a good team-spirit, a diverse team where everybody is integrated according to their individual strengths and has a deep respect for other individuals, irrespective of their internal level, is the true key to succeed as a small company in a global market. In the world of catalyst business it never gets boring – we are permanently challenged from our customers to realize seemingly impossible projects. This will only work out with a team, where all levels can truly rely on each other and have a dedicated passion to find the best solution for our customers.

As Exacer is growing strongly over the last years, we welcome everyone, who wants to join our team and bring us a next step forward by adding a unique individual profile.

If you are interested in joining us, please kindly send us your application and CV today!

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